Home – Cooking without a Cooker

Cooking without a gas or an electric cooker.

In these modern times of cooking devices and also the cost of living crisis.   Do you really need to have a traditional cooker.

As a single man I have the following devices for cooking,

Air Fryer - A great device I've had for 5 years or so.   Most of my cooking is done in this.   Its not due to the health option.  I cook in air fryer for quickness and consistency.  Chips for example how many times do you cook in an oven and there are chips not cooked, chips over cooked and chips burnt.   An air fryer makes that almost non existent.

Slow Cooker - Make a chilli, soup, stew, spag bol.  Put your ingredients in and give it a stir and leave to simmer til you come home.

George Foreman - Maybe not used a much now as have an air fryer.  Still good for steaks and giving that marking effect.  Great for bacon etc.

Microwave - Good for cooking omelettes, baked potatoes or boiling veg etc.   Not bad for cooking pizza if you have a combi microwave with the grill.

Multicooker - A hot plate type container with a glass lid.   Good for making things like stir frys, spag bol, fried eggs.

With all of the above devices do you really need a full size cooker.   Yes they take up some space, but can save money with using these  devices and can do some cooker less cooking without a gas or electric cooker.