Street Kitchen Japanese Teriyaki Chicken Tesco Pouches


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Street Kitchen Japanese Teriyaki Chicken Pouches at  Tesco.


With sauce's now very expensive then it's good to look out for a bargain sauce to buy.  Before cost of living crisis your Patak, Sharwoods and even you Supermarket own brand sauces were fairly cheap.   Now some jars are upwards of £2.50, seriously unjustifiable.

You can of course make your own sauces and there are lots of websites out there which will tell you what spices etc you will need.  If you are in a rush though or too lazy then pre made sauces are the answer.

I seen in Tesco the Street Kitchen Japanese Teriyaki Chicken pouches as well as a few other Street Kitchen pouches and thought at £2.00 with the Tesco Clubcard was worth buying.

The pouch contains a garlic paste, some Teriyaki Sauce and some sesame seeds, nothing overly complicated.  So but some extras like chicken and noodles and maybe an onion and you have something nice.

I tend to use 2 of these little bales per person of Noodles.  Either Blue Dragon Noodles     or Tescos own Medium Noodles

Cut up some Chicken either breast or fillets.  Add to a hot pan and cook through.   Add the Garlic sachet and let cook for a few minutes.  Add some onion or spring onion.  Then add the Teriyaki sachet and stir for a final cook.  I'd have the heat fairly high but not to burn.

I use a multicooker to cook.  Link below.

Put your noodles in a bowl.  I cook my noodles in a bowl in microwave in some hot water for 5 mins.  Watch very hot taking out.

So once Noodles drained add to bowl then service the Street Kitchen Japanese Teriyaki Chicken to the noodles.

The meal came out very well and could get 2 good portions from this meal.


Enjoy the video below and hopefully subscribe to my Youtube channel.


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