Cooking Malay Taste Laksa Curry Kit- Review


Malay Taste Laksa Curry Kit Review of the packet kit from Morrisons.

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Laksa Curry Kit -  What do you get.

The Malay Taste Laksa Curry Kit comes with some noodles, a Laksa sauce and Coconut Milk.

What you need to add.   I used Chicken in my dish but I think prawns would be nice too.   I also added some chilli and I think it needs some more colour so some green or red bells peppers.

Malay Taste Laksa Curry kit you can make quickly within 15 mins.  Cooking your chicken in smaller pieces and prawns would be even quicker.   You can put your noodles in a bowl of boiled water and let them rest for no more than 5 minutes before draining.

What's the Malay Taste Laksa Curry Kit like ?

Answer - It's probably an 8/10.  You do need to add a few things which is fine enough.  The flavour and smell is fabulous and adding a chilli just gives it that extra kit.   The Laksa Curry kit is easy enough to make and the price is reasonable especially when on special.

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