Top tips for Onion Rings in an Air Fryer

Top tips for cooking frozen onion rings in an Air Fryer

Top 1 - Try and defrost the onion rings for an hour.     You don't want the batter turning to mush but cooking them from slightly thawed is helpful.  I find that when they are put in an air fryer and cooked they produce a better onion ring.

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Top Tip 2 - Pre heat the air fryer so that when the onion rings hit the metal container they sizzle.

Top Tip 3 - A spray oil is good to put on the rings but one tip I use is put malt vinegar.   Adding a drop of vinegar won't over power the onion rings if you only put a wee drop on.  You can always add more when they are cooked.

Top  Tip 4 - Space - Don't overload.  Air fryers cook better obviously when the air circulates.  So when you are cooking your onion rings do not overload the tray with a full bag onion rings.

Top Tip 5 - Shake.   Onion Rings half way through cooking shake the Air Fryer basket half way through.    This also helps them not stick to the bottom of the basket.


The above are my top tips for Cooking Onion Rings in an Air Fryer.