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Cakes and Lunch Specials at Tee's Treats Coffee House, Airdrie.

Tee's Treats Coffee House,  Address - 106 Carlisle Road ML6 8RA Airdrie

Tee's Treat Phone number 01236 918585

Tee's Treats find them on Facebook for their Lunchtime Specials 

Tee's Treats Coffee House in Airdrie is a rather yummy cake shop with custom cakes which will delight your taste buds.    It's also sells some rather good Lunch Time specials such as Chicken Fajita Loaded Fries.   Also sells for the health conscious  Pasta Boxes.   Coffee is also on sale at Tee's Treats Airdrie and some rather lovely Latte's.

What's really great about Tee's Treats Airdrie is they don't seem to hold back on the cake topping's or the lunchtime specials tastiness.

The Pie's at Tee's Treat are well worth trying and the beef pie was full of large chunks of meat.

Tee's Treats of Airdrie also sell Porrelli's Ice Cream   -  Porrelli Website

Service is great and prices reasonable.   They do some price reductions when I went in at the end of the day which is a simple, nice touch.

Inside it has a relaxed vibe and you can just chill out.

Car Parking can be a wee bit tight but that's only due to it being so popular.

You can get Delivery's from Tee's Treats so phone the number above.

Tees Treats Coffee House Building Image

Tee’s Treats Loaded Nachos with Chicken

Loaded Nachos with Chicken at Tees Treats

Tee’s Treats Menu Airdrie

Tees Treats Menu Airdrie