Grill House Salt and Pepper Ribs Review

Grill House Salt and Pepper Ribs Review

Grill House Salt and Pepper Pork Ribs.
These ribs are available from Iceland

So upon opening them, you get about 7 short ribs and they smell nice and look reasonable thick.

Putting them in the Air Fryer for about 15 mins at 190 they come out lovely and brown and very hot.  So let them cool down a bit.

Grill House Salt and Pepper Ribs from Iceland what are they like.   Ok on a Saltyness level id say they are about a 7 or 8, where 10 would be eating a spoonfull of salt.

The ribs are largely fatty with small bits of meat here and there.   Scare  would say the meat content is.   Flavour yes great but meat no, very little.

I used the bones and the fatty ribs to put in a stock pot for a stew.

So final say on the Iceland Grill House Salt and Pepper Ribs, no, they are not up to much and you can buy better elsewhere or make your own.

Enjoy the video below and hopefully subscribe to my Youtube channel.


Cooking a Bridie in an Air Fryer

Cooling a Bridie in an Air Fryer

Cooking a Bridie in an Air Fryer

Can you cook a Bridie in an Air Fryer - Yes you can cook a Bridie in an Air Fryer.
Bridie are a wee parcel of mince meat covered in some rolled over pastry.   Similar to a Cornish Pastry almost.
In Scotland they might not be as popular as they used to be.   You would get them in Greggs or your local bakers.
Generally they were wee bit bigger and some onion in them.
Bridie in an Air Fyer - so yes you just put the in the air fryer for around 10 mins at 180 and will come out hot and cooked.  I have put some low calorie oil on mine.
The Bridies used in this video were from Bells which I purchased from Iceland Supermarket
So yes its's worth trying a wee Bridie in an Air Fryer.

Review Tesco Finest Mango Coconut and Lime Loaded Chicken Wings

Tesco Finest Coconut Mango and Lime Loaded Chicken Wings 1
Tesco Finest Mango Coconut and Lime Loaded Wings 1

Tesco Finest Coconut Mango and Lime Chicken Wings Review.

So seen these Chicken Wings in the reduced section of Tesco's for around £2.80, can't quite remember.  Was dithering with them as thought how many would you get in the pack.   So went for it and purchased them.

Got the Coconut Mango and Lime Loaded Wings home and opened them up.  So when opening there is a nice fruity tropical smell and you can tell they are coated with a good thick marinade.   There is also an additional sachet of sauce.  I'll admit now I did not use that.

I got 13 chicken wings in the pack and I was ok with that for myself.  Obviously for 2 sharing as a starter that's reasonable.

So I decided to put 8 chicken wings in the Air Fryer and it was already heated so the wings sizzled when I dropped them in the basket.   I set the Airfryer temperature at 200 for 15 mins.  Generally that's what  I go for to give a thorough cooking and a nice colour on the outside.

When the Tesco Finest Mango Coconut and Lime Loaded Wings come out let them cool.   As I admitted earlier I did not add the sachet of sauce so bare that in mind in the review.   So how did they taste well in the standard coating that smell had disappeared.   The wings were your typical wings as in they were smallish and good enough meat on them.  The flavour was nothing distinctive, would they have been different with the sauce, yes quite likely.   Would it have made me pay £5.00 or £4.50 with Tesco Clubcard discount, I'd say no.     If they were on special again I'd chance seeing if they tasted different with the sachet.

You can get great wings from Tesco in the frozen section.  Iceland do great wings also and a good amount for £3.75 or so.    Overall I'd say the Tesco Finest Mango Coconut and Lime Loaded Wings are average on what I ate.

Tesco Finest Coconut Mango and Lime Wings  Link

Iceland Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings - Worth Trying

How to Airfryer Morrisons Bacon Ribs

How to Airfryer  Bacon Ribs from Morrisons

Ribs are a cheap dish and can be a nice treat covered in a simple marinade.

In this example they have been covered in salt and some soy sauce.

These came out very salty.  Simply place the ribs on some tin foil.   Add your topping / coating.  Cover the ribs and place in airfryer at 180 for 20 mins.   The final five mins open up the tin foil to cook more.


How to Airfryer Morrisons Scotch Beef Topside

How to Airfryer a Topside of Scotch Beef Joint.

Using a good bit of Beef from Morrisons.  Morrisons beef joints are great value and the meat looks delicious and you get a lot for your money.

Leave your joint of meat out the fridge so it's room temperature.

Cut out a section of Tin Foil to fully cover the beef.   I tend to cut an onion and put this on the foil and rest the beef on top.   The beef put some oil or butter over the beef.   Then add some salt, black pepper and spices of herbs of your choice on the day.   Oregano or some mixed spice will add to flavour.

Have the Airfryer on a few mins at 200.  Then when you have wrapped your beef joint put it into the airfyer.   You can cook the joint without the basket if needs be.

Ok so how do you like your beef.    Generally 45 mins at 190  will give you a rare meat.  Maybe too pink for some.  55 mins at 190 medium still pink in parts.   1hr 10 tiny bit of pink left.  All of these times I have  opened up the foil and PUSH the foil down the sides so it is not sticking up and potentially touching the element.

Bring out the beef.. generally use a fork or prongs and if you have put the onion below the beef, the beef will not have stuck to the foil.  Let the beef rest on a dish or chopping board.    Cut into your beef and hopefully the timings should be ok.

Cooking in an airfryer a beef joint is a simple way and can produce delicious results.

Airfryer Simon Howie Beef Lorne Sausage Review

Simon Howie Beef Lorne Square Sausages Four Pack Review.

Lorne Sausage are a great breakfast snack and whether as part of a breakfast or in a roll they are a part of the Scottish diet.

Simon Howie make Beef Lorne sausage which in this review are well worth a try.  Square sausages can sometimes be made with pork meat.    Beef my it's very nature is that bit more thicker.

So the Simon Howie Beef Lorne Sausage is not overly appealing when you take out the packet.   However when you put in the airfryer at 190 for 12 mins you get a great sausage in the end.

Add some butter or in this case I added a tomato relish to my roll and it was delicious.

Simon Howie Beef Lorne Sausages definitely are worth a try and a four pack is great value in Tesco



Iceland Greggs Chicken Bake how to cook in Air Fryer

Greggs Chicken Bake from Iceland - How to cook in an Air Fryer.

The deliciously creamy Chicken Bakes from Greggs can be cooked in your Air Fryer.

First off defrost them for 30 mins to an hour at room temp.

Pre Heat your air fryer for 3 mins then add your Chicken Bake.   This will mean the base sizzles when added.   Cook for 14 mins at 180.   To get a yummy Greggs Chicken Bake.   They will be very hot inside so take care.

Iceland TGI Sesame Chicken Strips Air Fryer Cooked

Iceland TGI Sesame Chicken Strips with Tennessee Sauce.


Seen these in Iceland a few times recently and at £4.00 decided to give them a try and make a short vide.

On opening the box you get a blue plastic bag of chicken strips, probably around 25 strips.

A plastic pouch of sesame seeds and another of the brown sticky Tennessee Sauce which packs a punch.

As per video I have made my Sesame Chicken Strips in an air fryer at 180 for 12 mins.

While this was happening the frozen Tennessee sauce I put in a mug then added some hot water out the kettle and allowed to thaw and heat.

Once the strips are ready use a large bowl, mix the saw with the strips.  Add the sesame seeds.  You won't need to use full bag.   Put back in your Air Fryer for 3 mins or 5 mins for a bit more of a crunch.

Outcome -  I found them really good and I enjoyed mixing the sauce with the strips.   I would buy them again as you do get a decent amount of Sesame Chicken Strips.  The Tennessee Sauce is strong, distinctive and keeps you coming back for another strip.


Review Iceland 2 Boneless Chicken Thigh Burgers Southern Fried in Air Fryer

Boneless Chicken Thigh Burgers Southern Fried

Iceland 2 Southern Fried Boneless Chicken Thigh Burgers


Iceland 2 Southern Fried Boneless Chicken Thigh Burgers

Tasty and delicious Chicken Thigh Burgers.   These can be made in an Air Fryer and generally cook them for 20 mins at 190 as they really need cooked through.

There is quite a thick bit of chicken thigh so  it's worth cooking through so that the chicken juices  run clear, so there are no pink bits and also so the chicken thigh is firm.


Boneless Chicken Thigh Burgers from Iceland are worth buying and buying again.  They are quite tasty with that Southern Fried Taste.   The  burger is great in a bun or roll with some salad and a nice tomato relish.


Boneless Chicken Thigh Burgers Southern Fried
Iceland Boneless Chicken Thigh Burgers
Iceland Boneless Chicken Thigh Burgers

Review We Hae Meat Chippy Sausages in Air Fryer

We Hae Meat Chippy Style Sausages

We Hae Meat - Chippy Style Sausages in Batter

Chippy Style Sausages from We Hae Meat can be found in Tesco and Asda.    First off in the packet they look like what you would imagine uncooked. I cooked them in an Air Fryer and may have over cooked them at 20 mins at 180.    Could maybe do 12 mins at 200.   I did use the spray oil on them and I was actually tempted to just sprinkle vinegar over them while cooking.

As you can see from the pics, the batter for the We Hae Meat Chippy Style  Sausages could be a bit over cooked.   The batter was just crusty so not that golden - yellow colour you might expect.    The sausages themselves were just your standard chippy sausage.

Would I get them again, mmmhhhh   probably not I don't thin k if I changed how I cooked them they would have been any better.

Iceland do a range of Chippy Items that are worth trying.


We Hae Meat Chippy Style Sausages

We Hae Meat Chippy Style Sausages