Tesco Discover In Buffalo Wings – Very Tasty

Tesco Discover In Buffalo Wings

I have to say I found these wings and the Smokey Bourbon Wings to be great value and very tasty and a decent amount of wings in the bag.

Link to the Smoky Bourbon Wings

I would say you get around 9 wings.   They also have a separate pouch with the sauce which is a simple but great idea.

I let them thaw a little before cooking but they are easy to cook and I put them on for 15 mins at 180.   Take them out add the saw which in the instruction says leave in some hot water while cooking the wings.

When the 15 mins is up for the Discover In Buffalo Wings take them out, put them in a bowl and add the sauce.  Mix and put back in the air fryer for around 5-7 mins.  Allow to cool and then seriously enjoy.

The Buffalo Wings do have a bit of a kick to them not overly hot in the scale of things but definitely a little kick.

The Discover In Buffalo Wings and the Discover In Smoke Bourbon Wings are a buy for chicken wings.  The sauce pouch gives a good amount of sauce and you don't have to use the whole sachet.

Should you buy the Discover In Buffalo Wings.  Yes is the answer.  I'd give them a 9/10.

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