Iceland Greggs Chicken Bake how to cook in Air Fryer

Greggs Chicken Bake from Iceland - How to cook in an Air Fryer.

The deliciously creamy Chicken Bakes from Greggs can be cooked in your Air Fryer.

First off defrost them for 30 mins to an hour at room temp.

Pre Heat your air fryer for 3 mins then add your Chicken Bake.   This will mean the base sizzles when added.   Cook for 14 mins at 180.   To get a yummy Greggs Chicken Bake.   They will be very hot inside so take care.

Iceland TGI Sesame Chicken Strips Air Fryer Cooked

Iceland TGI Sesame Chicken Strips with Tennessee Sauce.


Seen these in Iceland a few times recently and at £4.00 decided to give them a try and make a short vide.

On opening the box you get a blue plastic bag of chicken strips, probably around 25 strips.

A plastic pouch of sesame seeds and another of the brown sticky Tennessee Sauce which packs a punch.

As per video I have made my Sesame Chicken Strips in an air fryer at 180 for 12 mins.

While this was happening the frozen Tennessee sauce I put in a mug then added some hot water out the kettle and allowed to thaw and heat.

Once the strips are ready use a large bowl, mix the saw with the strips.  Add the sesame seeds.  You won't need to use full bag.   Put back in your Air Fryer for 3 mins or 5 mins for a bit more of a crunch.

Outcome -  I found them really good and I enjoyed mixing the sauce with the strips.   I would buy them again as you do get a decent amount of Sesame Chicken Strips.  The Tennessee Sauce is strong, distinctive and keeps you coming back for another strip.