Tesco Discover In Buffalo Wings – Very Tasty

Tesco Discover In Buffalo Wings

Tesco Discover In Buffalo Wings

I have to say I found these wings and the Smokey Bourbon Wings to be great value and very tasty and a decent amount of wings in the bag.

Link to the Smoky Bourbon Wings

I would say you get around 9 wings.   They also have a separate pouch with the sauce which is a simple but great idea.

I let them thaw a little before cooking but they are easy to cook and I put them on for 15 mins at 180.   Take them out add the saw which in the instruction says leave in some hot water while cooking the wings.

When the 15 mins is up for the Discover In Buffalo Wings take them out, put them in a bowl and add the sauce.  Mix and put back in the air fryer for around 5-7 mins.  Allow to cool and then seriously enjoy.

The Buffalo Wings do have a bit of a kick to them not overly hot in the scale of things but definitely a little kick.

The Discover In Buffalo Wings and the Discover In Smoke Bourbon Wings are a buy for chicken wings.  The sauce pouch gives a good amount of sauce and you don't have to use the whole sachet.

Should you buy the Discover In Buffalo Wings.  Yes is the answer.  I'd give them a 9/10.

Street Kitchen Japanese Teriyaki Chicken Tesco Pouches

Tesco Street Kitchen Japanese Teriyaki Chicken


Grill House Salt and Pepper Ribs Review

Street Kitchen Japanese Teriyaki Chicken Pouches at  Tesco.


With sauce's now very expensive then it's good to look out for a bargain sauce to buy.  Before cost of living crisis your Patak, Sharwoods and even you Supermarket own brand sauces were fairly cheap.   Now some jars are upwards of £2.50, seriously unjustifiable.

You can of course make your own sauces and there are lots of websites out there which will tell you what spices etc you will need.  If you are in a rush though or too lazy then pre made sauces are the answer.

I seen in Tesco the Street Kitchen Japanese Teriyaki Chicken pouches as well as a few other Street Kitchen pouches and thought at £2.00 with the Tesco Clubcard was worth buying.

The pouch contains a garlic paste, some Teriyaki Sauce and some sesame seeds, nothing overly complicated.  So but some extras like chicken and noodles and maybe an onion and you have something nice.

I tend to use 2 of these little bales per person of Noodles.  Either Blue Dragon Noodles     or Tescos own Medium Noodles

Cut up some Chicken either breast or fillets.  Add to a hot pan and cook through.   Add the Garlic sachet and let cook for a few minutes.  Add some onion or spring onion.  Then add the Teriyaki sachet and stir for a final cook.  I'd have the heat fairly high but not to burn.

I use a multicooker to cook.  Link below.

Put your noodles in a bowl.  I cook my noodles in a bowl in microwave in some hot water for 5 mins.  Watch very hot taking out.

So once Noodles drained add to bowl then service the Street Kitchen Japanese Teriyaki Chicken to the noodles.

The meal came out very well and could get 2 good portions from this meal.


Enjoy the video below and hopefully subscribe to my Youtube channel.


Lidl Chicken Kebab Peri Peri Flavour

Lidl Chicken Kebab


Lidl Chicken Kebab Peri Peri Flavour under the Braemoor brand.

The Braemoor Chicken Kebab in Lidl has been around for sometime and there has been many a review for it.   So here is my review.

Check Out Lidl Website

Priced just under £6.00 at Lidl you get a good few chunks of chicken and smell of Peri Peri  comes out when you break the plastic film lid.

The Lidl Chicken kebab I would say is a mix of chicken pieces, so breast, thigh and leg.  It cannot just be chunks of breast meat.   As you are eating it, there is the occasional bit of chicken that you know is not chicken breast.

I cooked as per the Youtube Video the Lidl Braemoor Chicken Kebab in an Airfryer.   I had it defrosted in the fridge from the night before.  It took 60 mins at 170 and came out very well with a crispy charred / burned coating on a few bits.   For a further 10 mins I turned the Chicken Kebab over and there is lots of juices in the foil tray if you wished to keep basting at certain intervals.

Once it's cook I let rest for five mins before serving.   The chunks you can take of the wooden skewers and then serve the Lidl Chicken kebab onto the plate.  I served the kebab with a potato salad and this was lovely. You could serve with some pita bread.

The Lidl Chicken Kebab is a great portion for two people.  Possibly three people or leave some for afters.   It's worth buying for £6 when you compare what it would cost out a takeaway.

Could you make the Lidl Chicken Kebab yourself yes.   If you got 2 basic chicken breasts from supermarket and maybe some chicken drumsticks or thighs and then your own spices you could make your own kebabs just get some skewers.

Would I buy the Lidl Chicken kebab again, possibly.  I would not go out my way to get it but I did find it tasty, easy to cook, worth the money and felt as though I'd had a tasty dinner.  The Peri Peri sauce has a nice kick to it, the chunks of chicken are all a good size, so no skimping.


Tesco Butterflied Pork Shoulder Joint Korean Inspired

Tesco Korean Inspired Pork Shoulder Joint

Tesco Korean Inspired Pork Shoulder Joint.

This Pork Shoulder Joint is part of their Finest Range.    I bought this at a reduced price but normally it comes out at £8.00 though price will fluctuate.

It's a larger Pork Shoulder Joint and the smells of oriental /  Korean flavours come over.   It's very well seasoned.

I cooked the Tesco Finest Pork Shoulder Joint in my Airfryer.   I placed on some tin foil.   Put in the air fryer for 25 mins at 200 and a further 5 mins uncovered.   I cooked at a little less first time and that's why the meat was pink.  The camera pic has made the meat look a little pinker than it was.

The Korean Inspired Pork Shoulder joint I let rest for ten mins and cut into slices which were fairly thin.  I served with some lemon couscous and I had some Beef Bao Buns too.

Overall the Tesco Finest Korean Pork Shoulder Joint is well worth the money if you think how much it would be from Takeaway.     I'd probably buy again or buy a joint and make my own Korean rub.







Tesco Finest Korean Inspired Pork Shoulder picture
Tesco Korean INspired Pork Shoulder
Tesco Korean Inspired Pork Shoulder Joint

The New Yorker Burger – Malcolm Allan – Thick Burger

The New Yorker Burger Malcolm Allan

The New Yorker Burger from Malcolm Allan.

If you are looking for a good thick beef burger which does not shrink a lot then The New Yorker Burger from Malcolm Allan is well worth trying.

Available from Tesco and other supermarkets it offers a good thick beef pate which cooks well on a George Foreman grill.  It can be cooked in around 10 -12 mins on a preheated machine and add some sprayable oil and some salt for seasoning.

The New Yorker Burger goes well on a Brioche Bun and some tomato relish and some cheese slice.  Try Piri Piri Cheese from Tesco.

Link to the Malcolm Allan Website.






The New Yorker Burger from Malcolm Allan.



Review of Simon Howie Gastro Burgers

Simon Howie Gastro Burgers available from Tesco.

These are a good firm burger using Aberdeen Angus meat.  They give as said a firmer burger with more quality.

Cook them in the George Foreman to give that charred striping effect on your Gastro Burger.

Spray some low calorie oil on the George Foreman then cook the Simon Howie Gastro Burgers for around 12 mins. You can flatten out the meat burger a little.   I did try them in the airfryer but no,  George Foreman grill came out better for the Simon Howie Gastro Burgers.

Served these with a simple roll, some tomato relish and some melted cheese.   The Simon Howie Gastro Burger did taste nice, you felt as though you were eating a quality burger with a tiny bit of chew in it.

Would I buy the Simon Howie Gastro Burger again.   I would consider it.   I do like the Malcolm Allan New York Burgers a bit more, definitely more substantial and cheaper.     Try the Simon Howie Gastro Burger and see what you think.    I'd say a 7 out of 10, price knocked down 2 points.

Official Simon Howie Gastro Burger Website Link

Simon Howie Gastro Burger Review
Simon Howie Gastro Burger
Simon Howie Gastro Burger George Foreman Grill