Latest Menu for Silver Inn Menu Maryhill Glasgow


Silver Inn Menu - Maryhill Glasgow G20 - Chinese takeaway

Silver Inn Chinese Takeaway Menu for the shop at 1415 Maryhill Road, Glasgow.

Recommended dishes.

Try the spicy and tasty Singapore Chow Mein.

Address for Silver Inn Chinese Takeaway - 1415 Maryhill Road, Glasgow, G20 9AA.

Phone Number for Silver Inn Maryhill -01419453969.

What's the food like at the Silver Inn Maryhill -  The food is pretty good.  Most food comes in a little brown bowl.  Orders are made generally very quick.

Silver Inn Maryhill is on Instagram - See pics of their food.

Silver Inn Maryhill Road is on Just Eat.  Though if you use the menu's and phone direct you can save some money.

Silver Inn is generally cash payment when at the shop.

Menu for Silver Inn Maryhill was from their shop in March 2024.

Latest Silver Inn Menu Maryhill contains dishes such as Satay Dishes, Szechaun Dishes, Kung Po Dishes.

Silver Inn Menu does all in one dishes such as Fried Rice and Chips, Salt and Pepper Chicken and Salt and Pepper Chips.

You can also get great Chow Mein Dishes from the Silver Inn Menu, such as Singapore Chow Mein, Chicken Chow Mein and Prawn Chow Mein.

You can always get starters off the Silver Inn Menu Maryhill such as Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs,  Barbecued Spare Ribs, Salt and Pepper Chicken Balls.

Silver Inn Menu Maryhill

Silver Inn Menu Maryhill

Silver Inn Menu Maryhill

Silver Inn Menu Maryhill

Silver Inn Menu Maryhill

Silver Inn Singapore Chow Mein – Review Video

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