Cheesy Whiz Strips Three Brothers Woodlands

Cheesy Whiz Strips at Three Brothers Woodlands Glasgow

Visoted here after a night out at The Dram Pub.  I'd seen Three Brothers Woodlands pop up on just eat.  Walking by Three Brothers they have a window where you can see the chefs cook the smash burgers.

The kitchen at Three Brothers seems busy and after having some food there you can see why as it's very good, sumptuous.

After a few beers I was not really after anything heavy and thought about a burger, the rice dishes and thought try something different than spicey buffalo wings.  Cheesy Whiz just seemed a wee bit experimental.

Ordered with the friendly enough guy at the counter, asked did I want a drink etc but said no.

Sat at the counter and not long after order was ready at The Three Brothers.  The Cheesy Whiz came in a wee cardboard bowl.  I kid you not you could smell the cheese and the chicken.   I can buy a chicken breast out Tesco's and cook it and you don't have a chicken smell, many will say well you bought from Tesco.

The Cheesy sauce there was plenty off and 5 pieces of Chicken Strips.   At £6.50 it's just right price I suppose.  One bite and you could really taste and smell that chicken, it was white, juicy and not chewy.   Almost like cod it just broke apart.  The batter was nice enough but the cheese sauce was just yummy and not sickly and did have a wee bit of a kick to it.

Each mouthful of the Cheesy Whiz at The Three Brothers was great and I seriously could have ordered 2 portions.  So finished of my 5 chicken strips, scooped up all the the Cheesy sauce and thought as working at the Uni I do have to pop down here another time.

The staff were nice enough and the inside is nice and clean and open and you can see what's happening.  A couple of seats and benches to eat at.

Will definitely go back to Three Brothers in Woodlands Glasgow to see what other things they cook.   Some might seem wee bit pricey but it's definitely looks as though worth it.  There is a 15% voucher so that's something to consider.

Hope you enjoyed this Three Brothers Review.


Tesco Discover In Buffalo Wings – Very Tasty

Tesco Discover In Buffalo Wings

Tesco Discover In Buffalo Wings

I have to say I found these wings and the Smokey Bourbon Wings to be great value and very tasty and a decent amount of wings in the bag.

Link to the Smoky Bourbon Wings

I would say you get around 9 wings.   They also have a separate pouch with the sauce which is a simple but great idea.

I let them thaw a little before cooking but they are easy to cook and I put them on for 15 mins at 180.   Take them out add the saw which in the instruction says leave in some hot water while cooking the wings.

When the 15 mins is up for the Discover In Buffalo Wings take them out, put them in a bowl and add the sauce.  Mix and put back in the air fryer for around 5-7 mins.  Allow to cool and then seriously enjoy.

The Buffalo Wings do have a bit of a kick to them not overly hot in the scale of things but definitely a little kick.

The Discover In Buffalo Wings and the Discover In Smoke Bourbon Wings are a buy for chicken wings.  The sauce pouch gives a good amount of sauce and you don't have to use the whole sachet.

Should you buy the Discover In Buffalo Wings.  Yes is the answer.  I'd give them a 9/10.