Tesco Butterflied Pork Shoulder Joint Korean Inspired

Tesco Korean Inspired Pork Shoulder Joint

Tesco Korean Inspired Pork Shoulder Joint.

This Pork Shoulder Joint is part of their Finest Range.    I bought this at a reduced price but normally it comes out at £8.00 though price will fluctuate.

It's a larger Pork Shoulder Joint and the smells of oriental /  Korean flavours come over.   It's very well seasoned.

I cooked the Tesco Finest Pork Shoulder Joint in my Airfryer.   I placed on some tin foil.   Put in the air fryer for 25 mins at 200 and a further 5 mins uncovered.   I cooked at a little less first time and that's why the meat was pink.  The camera pic has made the meat look a little pinker than it was.

The Korean Inspired Pork Shoulder joint I let rest for ten mins and cut into slices which were fairly thin.  I served with some lemon couscous and I had some Beef Bao Buns too.

Overall the Tesco Finest Korean Pork Shoulder Joint is well worth the money if you think how much it would be from Takeaway.     I'd probably buy again or buy a joint and make my own Korean rub.







Tesco Finest Korean Inspired Pork Shoulder picture
Tesco Korean INspired Pork Shoulder
Tesco Korean Inspired Pork Shoulder Joint

The New Yorker Burger – Malcolm Allan – Thick Burger

The New Yorker Burger Malcolm Allan

The New Yorker Burger from Malcolm Allan.

If you are looking for a good thick beef burger which does not shrink a lot then The New Yorker Burger from Malcolm Allan is well worth trying.

Available from Tesco and other supermarkets it offers a good thick beef pate which cooks well on a George Foreman grill.  It can be cooked in around 10 -12 mins on a preheated machine and add some sprayable oil and some salt for seasoning.

The New Yorker Burger goes well on a Brioche Bun and some tomato relish and some cheese slice.  Try Piri Piri Cheese from Tesco.

Link to the Malcolm Allan Website.






The New Yorker Burger from Malcolm Allan.



Review of Simon Howie Gastro Burgers

Simon Howie Gastro Burgers available from Tesco.

These are a good firm burger using Aberdeen Angus meat.  They give as said a firmer burger with more quality.

Cook them in the George Foreman to give that charred striping effect on your Gastro Burger.

Spray some low calorie oil on the George Foreman then cook the Simon Howie Gastro Burgers for around 12 mins. You can flatten out the meat burger a little.   I did try them in the airfryer but no,  George Foreman grill came out better for the Simon Howie Gastro Burgers.

Served these with a simple roll, some tomato relish and some melted cheese.   The Simon Howie Gastro Burger did taste nice, you felt as though you were eating a quality burger with a tiny bit of chew in it.

Would I buy the Simon Howie Gastro Burger again.   I would consider it.   I do like the Malcolm Allan New York Burgers a bit more, definitely more substantial and cheaper.     Try the Simon Howie Gastro Burger and see what you think.    I'd say a 7 out of 10, price knocked down 2 points.

Official Simon Howie Gastro Burger Website Link

Simon Howie Gastro Burger Review
Simon Howie Gastro Burger
Simon Howie Gastro Burger George Foreman Grill

How to Airfryer Morrisons Bacon Ribs

How to Airfryer  Bacon Ribs from Morrisons

Ribs are a cheap dish and can be a nice treat covered in a simple marinade.

In this example they have been covered in salt and some soy sauce.

These came out very salty.  Simply place the ribs on some tin foil.   Add your topping / coating.  Cover the ribs and place in airfryer at 180 for 20 mins.   The final five mins open up the tin foil to cook more.