Iceland Chicken Wings Hot and Spicy in an Air Fryer

Iceland Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings Cooking in an Air Fryer.

The Spicy Chicken Wings from Iceland are easy to cook in an Air Fryer.  They are tasty and for £3.50 good value.

How many chicken wings do you get in a pack -  You get 16 Chicken Wings in a bag of Iceland Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings.

How long do they take to Cook from frozen.  - Generally in 13 mins at 200 on the Air Fryer setting.  Go for 16 mins if you want them a bit crispy and a bit more colour in them.

Are the Iceland Hot and Spicy Chicken wings hot or spicy. - There is a slight kick to them but nothing major.  You could go through a portion of 6 or maybe the whole packet without feeling you need a drink.