Sun Do Menu Delicious No.1 Chinese Takeaway Airdrie

Sun Do Airdrie Menu

Sun Do Menu Airdrie

Sun Do Menu - Chinese Takeaway Airdrie

19 High St, Airdrie ML6 0DT

Whats the phone number for Sun Do Airdrie - Answer 01236 753145

Sun Do Airdrie - Cash Only

Sun Do Menu Chinese Takeaway -  Sun Do is located across the road from Aldi Airdrie and next to burger 7 Airdrie.

What's worth trying at the Sun Do Airdrie has some really great dishes - my favourite is the Singapore Chow Mein - see the picture below.   The Spring Rolls are very good too, the large spring rolls - three of when ordering.

The Barbecue Spare Ribs with the Gravy Sauce are also worth trying.

Free Mini Spring Rolls and Prawn Crackers depending how much you spend.

Does the Sun Do Airdrie do home delivery - Yes and it's generally quite fast.

If passing by - Don't be put off by the exterior - It's inside what counts 🙂  Lots of Airdrie locals love the Sun Do.

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Sun Do Airdrie Menu

Sun Do Airdrie Menu Chinese Takeaway

Sun Do Airdrie Menu

Sundo Menu Airdrie Chinese Takeaway

Sun Do Singapore Chow Mein Airdrie

Why do I like the Singapore Chow Mein from Sun Do

  1. It's filling , you get a decent portion.
  2. You get a good amount of prawns.
  3. Sauce is just the right level of nippy / spicey.
  4. I can finish it no problem 🙂

The Spring rolls from Airdrie Sun Do are good too.   If you don't finish them and next day you have some left over try putting them in Air Fryer at 140-160 for 5 mins.