How to cook a Turkey Crown in an Air Fryer

Can you cook a Turkey Crown in an Air Fyer - Yes You can cook a Turkey Crown in an Air Feyer depending on size of Air Fryer and the Turkey Crown.   In the Youtube video below a small Turkey Crown was used in a 4 Litre Air Fryer

How long does it take to cook a Turkey Crown in an Air Fryer -  It can take around 1 hr 30 mins for a Small Turkey Crown.      In the Air Fryer I use the dial only goes upto 60 mins, so I chose 50 mins at around 180-190 and basted once.

I then put the Turkey Crown on for another 40 mins but basted two or three times to give it some colour.  I then let the Turkey Crown  rest in the Air Fryer for twenty mins.   It may have been a better idea to have left out side.

A Turkey Crown is  not just for Christmas dinner.

I covered the turkey crown in tin foil.   I used two sheets one going up and down the other left to right basically in order to cover it.

Sprinkle some salt and pepper over the Turkey Crown and any optional spice or herb.   Also add some knobs of butter or smear with butter or perhaps a fat.

Put in Air Fryer, you may need to cook without the basket.

These are rough times and may take a few times just to get right.  Looking at the video you can see that you can get a lovely roasted colour and the turkey crown can be cooked in an air fryer without the need for a oven.


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