Review We Hae Meat Chippy Sausages in Air Fryer

We Hae Meat - Chippy Style Sausages in Batter

Chippy Style Sausages from We Hae Meat can be found in Tesco and Asda.    First off in the packet they look like what you would imagine uncooked. I cooked them in an Air Fryer and may have over cooked them at 20 mins at 180.    Could maybe do 12 mins at 200.   I did use the spray oil on them and I was actually tempted to just sprinkle vinegar over them while cooking.

As you can see from the pics, the batter for the We Hae Meat Chippy Style  Sausages could be a bit over cooked.   The batter was just crusty so not that golden - yellow colour you might expect.    The sausages themselves were just your standard chippy sausage.

Would I get them again, mmmhhhh   probably not I don't thin k if I changed how I cooked them they would have been any better.

Iceland do a range of Chippy Items that are worth trying.


We Hae Meat Chippy Style Sausages

We Hae Meat Chippy Style Sausages

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