Iceland TGI Sesame Chicken Strips Air Fryer Cooked

Iceland TGI Sesame Chicken Strips with Tennessee Sauce.


Seen these in Iceland a few times recently and at £4.00 decided to give them a try and make a short vide.

On opening the box you get a blue plastic bag of chicken strips, probably around 25 strips.

A plastic pouch of sesame seeds and another of the brown sticky Tennessee Sauce which packs a punch.

As per video I have made my Sesame Chicken Strips in an air fryer at 180 for 12 mins.

While this was happening the frozen Tennessee sauce I put in a mug then added some hot water out the kettle and allowed to thaw and heat.

Once the strips are ready use a large bowl, mix the saw with the strips.  Add the sesame seeds.  You won't need to use full bag.   Put back in your Air Fryer for 3 mins or 5 mins for a bit more of a crunch.

Outcome -  I found them really good and I enjoyed mixing the sauce with the strips.   I would buy them again as you do get a decent amount of Sesame Chicken Strips.  The Tennessee Sauce is strong, distinctive and keeps you coming back for another strip.


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