Review Tesco Finest Mango Coconut and Lime Loaded Chicken Wings

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Tesco Finest Coconut Mango and Lime Chicken Wings Review.

So seen these Chicken Wings in the reduced section of Tesco's for around £2.80, can't quite remember.  Was dithering with them as thought how many would you get in the pack.   So went for it and purchased them.

Got the Coconut Mango and Lime Loaded Wings home and opened them up.  So when opening there is a nice fruity tropical smell and you can tell they are coated with a good thick marinade.   There is also an additional sachet of sauce.  I'll admit now I did not use that.

I got 13 chicken wings in the pack and I was ok with that for myself.  Obviously for 2 sharing as a starter that's reasonable.

So I decided to put 8 chicken wings in the Air Fryer and it was already heated so the wings sizzled when I dropped them in the basket.   I set the Airfryer temperature at 200 for 15 mins.  Generally that's what  I go for to give a thorough cooking and a nice colour on the outside.

When the Tesco Finest Mango Coconut and Lime Loaded Wings come out let them cool.   As I admitted earlier I did not add the sachet of sauce so bare that in mind in the review.   So how did they taste well in the standard coating that smell had disappeared.   The wings were your typical wings as in they were smallish and good enough meat on them.  The flavour was nothing distinctive, would they have been different with the sauce, yes quite likely.   Would it have made me pay £5.00 or £4.50 with Tesco Clubcard discount, I'd say no.     If they were on special again I'd chance seeing if they tasted different with the sachet.

You can get great wings from Tesco in the frozen section.  Iceland do great wings also and a good amount for £3.75 or so.    Overall I'd say the Tesco Finest Mango Coconut and Lime Loaded Wings are average on what I ate.

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