Airfryer Simon Howie Beef Lorne Sausage Review

Simon Howie Beef Lorne Square Sausages Four Pack Review.

Lorne Sausage are a great breakfast snack and whether as part of a breakfast or in a roll they are a part of the Scottish diet.

Simon Howie make Beef Lorne sausage which in this review are well worth a try.  Square sausages can sometimes be made with pork meat.    Beef my it's very nature is that bit more thicker.

So the Simon Howie Beef Lorne Sausage is not overly appealing when you take out the packet.   However when you put in the airfryer at 190 for 12 mins you get a great sausage in the end.

Add some butter or in this case I added a tomato relish to my roll and it was delicious.

Simon Howie Beef Lorne Sausages definitely are worth a try and a four pack is great value in Tesco



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