Tesco Butterflied Pork Shoulder Joint Korean Inspired

Tesco Korean Inspired Pork Shoulder Joint.

This Pork Shoulder Joint is part of their Finest Range.    I bought this at a reduced price but normally it comes out at £8.00 though price will fluctuate.

It's a larger Pork Shoulder Joint and the smells of oriental /  Korean flavours come over.   It's very well seasoned.

I cooked the Tesco Finest Pork Shoulder Joint in my Airfryer.   I placed on some tin foil.   Put in the air fryer for 25 mins at 200 and a further 5 mins uncovered.   I cooked at a little less first time and that's why the meat was pink.  The camera pic has made the meat look a little pinker than it was.

The Korean Inspired Pork Shoulder joint I let rest for ten mins and cut into slices which were fairly thin.  I served with some lemon couscous and I had some Beef Bao Buns too.

Overall the Tesco Finest Korean Pork Shoulder Joint is well worth the money if you think how much it would be from Takeaway.     I'd probably buy again or buy a joint and make my own Korean rub.







Tesco Finest Korean Inspired Pork Shoulder picture
Tesco Korean INspired Pork Shoulder
Tesco Korean Inspired Pork Shoulder Joint

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